Each project is a unique experience borne out of a confluence of ideas and shared vision. The creation of solutions that are based on the supremacy of the doctor-patient relationship and excellence – which is the essential driver of economic efficiency – is the foundation of our concept and history.

September 2008

Concerned by public health issues, the founders developed a pilot project in a district where there was very acute need but nobody had dared to imagine a medical group. The Lignon Medical Centre (CML), which is now independent of Magellan, was inaugurated in 2008 with a patient-centred organizational framework.

January 2011

Another challenge was the takeover of the Swica Health Centre, which became the Rue de Lausanne Medical Centre (CMRL) in 2011. This new facility which had 8 doctors depended on the expertise of professionals from Magellan to incorporate the group.

August 2011

The idea of constructing another centre that is even bigger came naturally from the positive results obtained from CML and CMRL as well as within the framework of a study that was conducted on health planning. Situated at the confluence of Servette, Petit-Saconnex, Châtelaine, des Grottes and Saint-Jean, the Servette Medical Centre (CMS) entered into service in 2011 and currently has more than 20 doctors.

October 2011

After its consolidation in Geneva, it was time for this expertise to be extended into the Canton of Vaud. Thus, the Renens Medical Centre (CMR) was inaugurated in 2011 with 10 doctors in a district that is near the bus station and very accessible to the local population.

Renens Medical Center, managed in collaboration with Magellan.ch SA, is owned by Medical Center Vaud SA

January 2012

Subsequently, the doctors in Gland contacted us with the goal of joining forces with us and building a medical centre in the region. This new Gland Medical Centre (CMG) commenced partial operations in 2012 with the takeover of individual practices. In August 2014, the integration was consolidated in the new medical centre located in the Eikenøtt ecological district.

The medical center of Gland, managed in collaboration with Magellan.ch SA, is owned by Medical Center Vaud SA

September 2012

Magellan is also working to expand the services offered by the medical Centres of the Group by creating specialist centres. The Varembé Psychotherapy Centre (CPV) was inaugurated in 2012 close to CMS, on rue de Vermont and has about ten psychologists and psychiatrists.

November 2013

In late 2013, we inaugurated another big medical centre in the Planète Charmilles shopping centre in Geneva. The Charmilles Medical Centre (CMCH) team includes 14 doctors, who are already involved in our mission that is based on trust and proximity.

June 2016

The Grand-Saconnex Medical Centre (CMGS) is located on rue Sonnex. The centre, which focuses on family medicine practice in Pommier district, has 10 practices and a standard radiology department.