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Chiropractic diagnoses and treats painful syndromes and dysfunctions of the locomotor system (spine, pelvis, peripheral joints). Through articular adjustments and manual therapy, the Chiropractor takes care of the-musculo-skeletal system in order to restore mobility and function, with special attention to the spine. The treatment, without the use of surgery or medication, is part of a modern preventive approach to health.The title of Doctor of Chiropractic is earned through a 6-year university education, concluded by a federal examination and a two-year Post Graduation assistantship program.

The Chiropractor can also recommend various exercises and orthopedic bracing, and give postural, lifestyle, or nutritional advice. In Switzerland, his/her scope of practice also includes the prescription of medication, additional imaging studies and treatments such as physiotherapy, along with further evaluation by medical specialists.

Being primary care providers, Chiropractors are covered by the mandatory insurance system (LaMal).

The Team
Dr Carlos MUNOZ
Chiropractor spécialist ASC/ECU
Languages : FRA, SPA, ENG

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