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Angiology is a medical specialty interested in diseases and treatments of blood vessels (veins, arteries, microcirculation) or lymphatics like varicose veins, thromboses, arterial insufficiency ....

The Team
Dr Anne-Cécile ARNOULT
Angiologist FMH
Languages : FRA, ENG

Other Services

Services for professionals

Radiological request (Servette / Versoix)

Prescription of care

Make an appointment online.

Urgent appointment of general medicine

Charmilles Medical Center

Gland Medical Center

Grand-Saconnex Medical Center

Renens Medical Center

Rue de Lausanne Medical Center

Servette Medical Center

Vevey Medical Centre


In case of a life emergency
call 144

Emergencies Geneva

Emergencies Vaud


Coronavirus information

    Test online if you have screening criteria

    • If you have criteria:
      • VAUD :
        • Print the Coronacheck result
        • Call your center to arrange a screening
      • GENEVA:
        • Print the Coronacheck result
        • Visit one of the Geneva screening centers
          • Hôpital de la Tour : Avenue J.-D.-Maillard 3, 1217 Meyrin,
          • Clinique des Grangettes : Chemin des Grangettes 7, 1224 Chêne-Bougeries
          • Groupe médical d’Onex : Route de Loëx 3, 1213 Onex
          • HUG : Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4, 1205 Genève

    For everyone’s safety:

    • No coronavirus screening will be done if you do not have the criteria.
    • Only patients can enter the center.
      Children or dependent persons are allowed to have only one companion. Everyone else must stay outside the center.
    • All patients must be sorted by a receptionist before taking their place in the waiting room.

    Thank you for your understanding and absolute respect for these instructions.