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Who we are

Founded and managed by doctors who are passionate about offering community-based outpatient medical service that is capable of bringing together all the high-quality healthcare tools, Magellan is part of a concept based on partnership not only between doctors but also between doctors and patients.

Magellan makes use of its know-how in the establishment and management of several medical and imaging centres in Romandy. Each centre has its peculiarities, but our services are centred around family medicine, in collaboration with various specialists.

Accessibility :

Throughout the Lake Geneva Region, our interdisciplinary centres are built around primary care, opening up access to coordinated and high-quality care.

Innovation :

We are working to reinvent the relationship between patients and their care providers in order to encourage integrated management that meets the highest quality standards.

Commitment :

The different cogwheels symbolize our commitments and their interdependence: economically responsible care without compromising quality, combined with respect for the environment and human beings.

September 2008

Lignon Medical Centre

The founders, all doctors, concerned by the public health issues, developed a pilot project in a district where there was a recognized need but nobody had dared to imagine a medical group. Lignon Medical Centre (CML), which is now independent from Magellan, was inaugurated in 2008.


January 2011

Rue de Lausanne Medical Centre

Another challenge was the takeover of Swica Health Centre, which has become Rue de Lausanne Medical Centre (CMRL) in 2011. This facility, which had 8 doctors at the time, counted on the expertise of the professionals in Magellan in order to recruit numerous doctors and paramedical staff.


August 2011

Servette Medical Centre

The project to establish a new and bigger centre was borne out of a survey which demonstrated a need localized at the confluence of the districts of Servette, Petit-Saconnex, Châtelaine, Les Grottes and Saint-Jean. Servette Medical Centre (CMSE) began operations since 2011 and currently has more than 20 doctors.


October 2011

Renens Medical Centre

After its consolidation in Geneva, it was time to expand this expertise to the Canton of Vaud. Thus, the Renens Medical Centre (CMRE) was inaugurated in 2011 with 10 doctors in a neighbourhood which is close to the bus station and highly accessible to the local population.

Renens Medical Centre, managed in collaboration with Magellan.ch SA, is owned by Medical Center Vaud SA


January 2012

Gland Medical Centre

Doctors from Gland approached Magellan so that we could collaborate in their region. This new Gland Medical Centre (CMGL) began partial operations in 2012 with the takeover of individual practices. Integration was consolidated and expanded in August 2014 in the Eikenøtt EcoDistrict.

Gland Medical Centre, managed in collaboration with Magellan.ch SA, is owned by Medical Center Vaud SA


September 2012

Varembé Psychotherapy Centre

Magellan desires to improve both the healthcare services offered to the population and the opportunities for professionals to practice in organized speciality groups in centres of competence. The Varembé Psychotherapy Centre (CPVA) was inaugurated in 2012 close to CMSE, at rue de Vermont and has about a dozen psychologists and psychiatrists.


November 2013

Charmilles Medical Centre

In late 2013, we inaugurated another big medical centre in the Planète Charmilles building, in Geneva. The team of the Charmilles Medical Centre (CMCH) has nearly thirty providers (doctors and a multidisciplinary healthcare team) who are already involved in our mission, based on trust and community-based care.


May 2014

Servette Imaging Centre

In order to meet the needs of our patients and those of our colleagues in the district, we established the Servette Imaging Centre, which offers not only digital radiology services, but also ultrasonography, mammography, low-dose CT-Scan and MRI. Apart from imaging, ultra-sound and CT-guided drainage and injections, including injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are performed by our radiologists.


June 2016

Grand-Sacconex Medical Centre

The Grand-Saconnex Medical Centre (CMGS) started operations at rue Sonnex. Based on family medicine in the Le Pommier District, the centre has 10 practices and a digital radiology facility. The centre makes it possible not only to receive patients from the District but also to receive numerous patients from international organizations.


October 2019

Versoix Imaging Centre

Confronted with the lack of adequate equipment in the region, our second imaging centre was established in Versoix (CIVE), where MRI, low-dose CT-Scan, mineralometry, mammography and ultrasonography, in addition to digital radiography, are now available. Ultrasound or CT-guided drainage or injections, including injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), are also performed by our radiologists.


March 2020

Vevey Medical Centre

Certified general practitioners of the Riviera reposed their trust in Magellan and chose to form a group in a new centre at the heart of Vevey. Thus, young doctors who recently completed their Swiss training as well as an oncologist, dermatologists and surgeons have taken advantage of this group dynamism to impart vitality to this new community-based healthcare centre.


April 2021

Opale Medical Centre

Magellan takes the Léman Express and settles for the first time on the left bank of Geneva, opposite the Chêne-Bourg train station, in the Opale Tower. This multidisciplinary center is balanced between physical health (family medicine and specialties) and mental health. With 17 practices, it is firmly in line with the new dynamics of the Trois-Chênes communities.

Offer an optimal environment to healthcare professionals so that they can provide care under the best conditions.

Good health is directly linked to a favourable environment which exerts a positive impact on individuals. We are convinced that we have a decisive role in health promotion by putting in place a responsible strategy which takes our impact on the environment into particular consideration.

For these reasons, in particular, we commit to :

  • Incorporate sustainable development into procedures and decisions;
  • Strengthen ties with communities in the region;
  • Be a citizen employer which is aware of its responsibilities

In 2020, Magellan was recognized as an ESR: “Responsible Care Institution”.

A Sailor and explorer of the Age of Discovery, Magellan was the initiator of the first voyage around the world, thereby providing substantiated proof that the Earth is indeed round…

The name “Magellan” reflects the pioneering spirit of our group. We know that our healthcare system has not kept up pace with the real needs of patients. We wish to look further ahead, to seek out innovative solutions and thereby open up a new path towards more accessible, more efficacious, better coordinated medical care, thereby ensuring the satisfaction of care providers and patients.

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