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Our philosophy

Founded by doctors, the Magellan group distinguishes itself by a visionary management of its centres, in partnership with physicians and paramedical staff who practice there. These staffs are autonomous. They participate in governance and share common values.

With more than 250 professionals, the Magellan Group has a very dynamic growth and is a very active stakeholder in the development of innovative healthcare tools. Its ambition is to position itself as a leader in responsible and high quality patient care.

Our values

  • Accessibility
    • Multidisciplinary centres
    • Emergency consultations
  • Commitment
    • Responsible care
    • Quality certification
  • Innovation
    • Online Secretariat
    • 360° patient care

Our Mission

To ensure that every patient is satisfied with the results and human contact.


Sustainable development

Some of the world’s diseases today can be attributed to environmental degradation. Being a player in the health world, we believe that we can promote health by implementing a sustainable development strategy. We believe that everyone, on their own scale, can act for the planet.

In this sense, we are committed to promoting sustainable development and in particular to:

  • Integrate sustainable development into processes and decisions
  • Preserve the living environment and strengthen ties with the region
  • Be an employer aware of his responsibilities and a citizen;

The name “Magellan” is a reflection of the pioneering spirit of our group. We know that our healthcare system has been slow to meet up with the real needs of patients. We desire to look further and discover innovative solutions, thereby opening up a new path towards better accessibility, effectiveness and coordination while ensuring the satisfaction of care providers and patients. We believe that such a path exists.

Magellan was the Portuguese navigator and explorer who led the first voyage around the world during the era of Great Discoveries, thereby providing concrete proof that the Earth is indeed round…

Other Services

Services for professionals

Radiological request (Servette / Versoix)

Prescription of care

Make an appointment online.

Urgent appointment of general medicine

Charmilles Medical Center

Gland Medical Center

Grand-Saconnex Medical Center

Renens Medical Center

Rue de Lausanne Medical Center

Servette Medical Center

Vevey Medical Centre


In case of a life emergency
call 144

Emergencies Geneva

Emergencies Vaud