What is it?

Computed Tomography Scan is a technology which, like radiography, uses X-rays and makes it possible to examine most parts of the body by obtaining images in fine sections (<1 mm).

This modality has evolved a lot in recent years such that the investigations involve less radiation, are of better quality and faster.

Thanks to this latest generation CT Scan machine, the images are of optimal quality and the radiation exposure is limited.



You must bring along the following for your investigation:



A CT Scan investigation lasts for about five minutes, but the preliminary preparation is shorter or longer depending on the region to be investigated.

You should make an allowance of at least thirty minutes for the CT Scan investigations, from your reception to the final discussion with the radiologist. We will take the time to fully explain the investigation and the different stages of the preparation to you.

The CT Scan machine is ring-shaped and not like a tube. For this reason, you will not feel shut in. Investigations done without contrast injection do not give rise to any adverse reactions, except that the injection of Iodine may produce a strong feeling of warmth all over the body which should resolve within less than a minute.

The technician will be by your side to explain the entire procedure to you.

It is imperative that you remove all metallic objects, jewels, dentures or hearing aids, bra or trousers, which are worn on the part of the body that is to be scanned.

As soon as you have been positioned on the table, the technician in charge of your investigation will give you a detailed explanation of the sequence of events (insertion of an intravenous line for the injection of contrast medium, enema with contrast, etc.).

We will get out of the room for a few minutes during the emission of X-rays, but we will see and hear you during the entire duration of the investigation.



After the investigation, the radiologist will discuss with you if you so desire. We will give you an internet access that will make it possible for you to visualize your images and read the medical report.

The diagnosis will be transmitted to the prescribing physician who will receive a detailed report by fax or telephone as from the following day.

In future, you will also be able to request for the report as well as the images for up to 10 years after your investigation.


Our Machines

The Versoix Imaging Centre has a new generation CT Scan machine, the Incisive LE-128 from the Philips brand. Endowed with software for the reduction of dosage and artefacts, this CT Scan machine meets the exigencies of the current issues around the optimisation of investigations as part of high-quality professional practice. Furthermore, thanks to the Ambient Experience system, the CT Scan room provides a fantastic environment for the patient with mural projections and a ceiling display.

This cutting-edge CT Scan machine makes it possible for us to meet the request of your physician and to provide him with images that are of excellent quality.


Investigations performed

The Versoix Imaging Centre offers you an extensive range of CT Scan investigations, making maximal use of the qualities of this cutting-edge equipment.


Neurological examinations


CT Scan of the gastrointestinal and urinary systems


CT Scan of the vertebral column


Arterial CT angiography of the lower limbs


CT Angiography of the abdominal aorta