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Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan )

What is it ?

Computed Tomography Scan is a technology which like radiography uses X-rays, which make it possible for us to examine the most parts of the body by capturing images in the form of thin slices (< 1mm).

This modality has evolved significantly over recent years such that investigations involve less radiation, are faster and of higher quality.

Thanks to this latest generation CT Scan device, the images produced are of high quality and radiation is reduced.


For your investigation, you must bring along the following:


A CT Scan investigation takes about 5 minutes, but the length of the preliminary preparation depends on the region to be investigated.

You should be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes for the CT Scan investigation, from the time you are received to the final discussion with the radiologist and we will take the time to fully explain the investigation and the various stages of preparation to you.

The CT Scan machine has a ring shape and is not tube-like; consequently, you will not feel enclosed. Non-contrast investigations do not give rise to discomfort, but injection of iodinated contrast agents may give you a strong sensation of warmth all over your body which goes away within less than a minute.

The technician will be by your side to explain the entire process to you.

It is imperative to remove all metallic objects, jewelleries, dental braces or auditory aids, bra or trousers, which are on the part of the body to be scanned.

Once you are on the table, the technician in charge of your investigation will explain the steps of the procedure to you in detail (insertion of an intravenous line for injection of contrast product, contrast enema, etc).

We will exit from the room for some minutes during the emission of X-rays, but we can see and hear you for the whole duration of the investigation.


After the examination, the radiologist will discuss with you and give you a CD containing the images.

As from the following day, the diagnosis will be transmitted in the form of a detailed report by fax or telephone to the doctor who ordered the investigation.

Afterwards, you will also be able to request for the report as well as the images for up to 10 years after your investigation.

Our machines

The Servette Imaging Centre has a 128-slice Siemens Somatom Perceptive CT Scan machine.

This leading-edge CT Scan machine will help us to meet the request of your physician by providing him/her with images of excellent quality.

Investigations performed

CIS offers you a wide range of CT Scan investigations, which make full use of the qualities of this leading-edge equipment.

Neurological investigations

SCT scan of the gastrointestinal aud urinary tracts

CT scan of the vertebral spine

CT angiography of the lower limbs

CT angiography of the abdominal aorts

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